The project

Bitcoin Designed is a collection of design resources about Bitcoin and related topics.

This project was first initiated in 2015 under the name “Bitcoinfographics” at a time when Bitcoin was a very new word to most people. The intention was to make a contribution to this theme that interested me so much at the same time that I wanted to learn and practice illustration and infographic skills. So Marco helped me with the website and remained as my technical advisor to help me create accurate materials.

At the end of 2017, we decided to bring everything back to life under a new name, logo, and website. There were new themes to be talked about and I wanted to have some fun and create new infographics with the improved skills I got over the 2 years. So here we are today, hoping to enlighten and share beautiful knowledge as much as we can.

Our goal here is to provide the Bitcoin community and general public with friendly materials to help them understand and teach others an introductory view of Bitcoin concepts and aspects. All the graphics are free to use and share, so enjoy :).

Patrícia Estevão

The team


Patrícia Estevão

Designer and Content Creator

Twitter: @patestevao

E-mail: [email protected]


Marco Agner

Editor, Content Creator, and Developer

Twitter: @marcoagner

Infographics Disclaimer

We already said that these infographics are a nice and beautiful way to introduce some important subjects for bitcoiners and bitcoin newbies that want to learn more about the technology.

Nevertheless, it's important to emphasize that most of the content we have here are simplified and superficial approaches to the topics, they are not intended and should not be used expecting a profound technical education. For that purpose, there are great resources available online.

Also, the infographics which are not exclusively technical will carry the perception of facts and opinions of the Bitcoin Designed team. You’re welcome to agree with us or not.

All the content from Bitcoin Designed is registered by Patrícia Estevão under the license CC BY SA 4.0.

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